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Helpful Advice

  • Tie long hair back while sleeping, this will stop the hair becoming tangled around the jewellery.

  • Rinse the area well with clean water after washing/styling hair.

  • Do not apply make-up on your new piercing.

  • Do not sleep on your piercing during the healing time, doing so will put pressure on the area. This can cause further swelling and potentially cause your new piercing to heal at an angle. We recommend using a travel or donut pillow to sleep on.

  • Be careful not to catch the jewellery when putting on/taking off clothing and brushing your hair.

  • Follow cleaning instructions until fully healed.

  • Make sure you do not touch your piercing during the healing time.

  • Do not remove or change your piercing during healing.

Cleaning Your Piercing

  • Wash your hands before touching the area.

  • Clean your piercing twice a day using a sterile saline solution. You can use a cotton bud to get in to tricky areas like a septum piercings.

  • We recommend NeilMed, we have it for sale in the studio.

  • If you are buying your solution from somewhere else, make sure it’s a spray so you know it will stay sterile after opening and check the ingredients to make sure there’s nothing but sodium chloride and water in there.


Do not make your own saltwater solution at home.
This can cause excess swelling, redness and prolonged healing.

Irritation Bumps

  •  Fill a bowl with hot water, as hot as you can stand to touch without burning yourself. Use a cotton cloth to dip it in the hot water and rinse out any excess water.

  • Place firmly on your piercing for 10 minutes. Keep dipping your cloth in to the water once it has started cool. Repeat twice daily

  • Be careful that you don’t knock or sleep on your new piercing as this can make the bumps worse


It is exceptionally rare to get an infection due to the piercing procedure, infections come from when bacteria gets into a new piercing during the healing process due to poor aftercare. If you are worried please come into the studio for us to check your piercing, we will be able to advise you futher.

Minimum Healing Times

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